Colorado Shih Tzu breeder

Rocky Mountain Shih Tzu
Specializing in small standards, imperials, tiny type, toy, and miniature sized Shih Tzu

We are a Colorado Shih Tzu Puppy Breeder
located in Loveland, Colorado.
We Specialize in small standards, imperials, tiny type, toy, and miniature sized Shih Tzu.

Our goal is to breed excellent quality Shih Tzu puppies that will bring their new owners as much happiness and love as they have for ours.
Our puppies are sold with limited AKC Registration. Full AKC Registration is only offered to approved breeders. If interested in full AKC Registration, you need to contact me so we can visit first.

The shih tzu are so elegant looking and yet so lively and outgoing. They are strong dogs that have minimal health problems and they are truly one of the best breed of dogs for families because of their amazing temperments. Their personalities can be described as fun-loving, extremely playful, and oh so sweet. I can’t imagine our lives without our precious Shih Tzu.

All of our Shih Tzu adults and puppies are raised in our home and are very much a special part of our family. Our adults range in size from 6-10 lbs., have short cobby bodies, and adorable smooshy faces.

Our Family

We are a small family that enjoys living in the country. We all love animals and have a variety of pets that reside with us. We currently have some horses, chickens, fish, and our precious Shih Tzu. I use to be a certified veterinarian technician which allowed me to gain a bunch of experience working with small animals. When my husband and I decided to have a family, I quit working so that I could be at home to raise our children. I have always desired to breed dogs and once we got our first Shih Tzu, I absolutely fell in love with her and knew instantly that the shih tzu was the breed for me.

Rocky Mountain Shih Tzu
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